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2020 Shipping Contest Bonus Comic - Page 2

posted 29th Feb 2020, 5:45 PM

2020 Shipping Contest Bonus Comic - Page 2
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29th Feb 2020, 5:45 PM


Mizuki: Heh, "paint-fully".
Mizuki: Wait... are you a painter?

Zaxaty: And a sculptor, yes. Plus some mixed medium stuff, fashion design... and I've tried my hand at cosmetics, but it didn't go so great.

Mizuki: That's so cool! Once we have these blindfolds off, I'd love to see your art!

Mizuki: Y'know... if you need help with hair and makeup, I could give it a go? I don't really consider myself a professional, but I come up with a new hairstyle about once a month so I at least have some experience?

Zaxaty: You re-style your hair every month? That sounds cool as heck! I feel like I've been stuck on these twintails for ages...

Mizuki: Well, if you show me how to paint, I'd be happy to do your hair for you!

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